The OKC State Fair & The RED Team

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The Oklahoma State Fair is a tradition in the Spencer family and now the Myers family, too! When September and my birthday come around every year, we all start getting excited for the fair. We don’t really ride the rides, we go to eat the food and people watch. This year, Kiley and Brad did take the boys on the bumper cars. And years ago, we might have tried out the potato sack slide. I just can’t imagine eating all the yummy food then riding a roller coaster.



We decided the boys were old enough to go to Disney on Ice this year, too! They had a blast and sat through the whole event. They have not successfully sat through a movie or the circus, so I was impressed! It brought back great memories of taking my friends to the fair and ice capades, as a kid, for my birthday!


We never miss a year visiting our friend at the Corn Dog stand(by the needle) plus who does not want a tasty corn dog! Then, Brad and my Dad have to have a cinnamon roll from the Silver Dollar Cinnamon Roll stand. We might have some fried cheese or a funnel cake, too! This year I wanted to try some of the new and unique items that the fair was suppose to be serving, but I could only find the Red Velvet Cinnamon Roll and the Fried Gummy Bears. I decided to refrain from ordering both of them.

News Channel 4 shared these new items that should be at the fair this year, so please let us know if you saw them or got to try any of them! We would love to hear! Hope you ALL have a chance to visit the fair, too!

All American Hot Dog-  It’s a grilled polish sausage on a freshly baked artisan bun, topped with homemade macaroni and cheese and grated cheddar cheese. It can be found at Diamond Dawgs

Bacon Bloomin’ Onion – It’s a batter-fried onion topped with hand-cut onions with bacon. It can be found at Porky’s.

Bacon Explosion Sundae – It combines ice cream, whipped cream, caramel sauce and bacon. It can be found at Guiltless Concessions.

Bacon & Gouda French Fries – It features french fries covered in freshly shredded Gouda cheese and crumbled bacon. It can be found at Bacon Habit.

Bacon-Wrapped Jack Daniels – A churro infused with a half shot of Jack Daniels, wrapped in bacon and grilled. It is topped with maple syrup and whipped cream. It can be found at Bacon Habit.

Boudin On-A-Stick – Rolling in the Bayou is presenting a favorite southern dish on a stick.

Capt’n Crunch Chicken On-A-Stick – Chicken strips are battered in a special Capt’n Crunch cereal batter and served with honey on the side. It can be found at Diamond Dawgs.

Caveman Turkey Leg – A giant turkey leg is wrapped in about a pound of bacon before it is smoked. It can be found at Bacon Habit.

Cuban Pork Crepe- It features shredded pork, Swiss cheese, pickle spears and a dash of spicy Tabasco mayo rolled into a fresh crepe. It can be found at CoCo Flow Concessions.

Churro Shortcake – L’il Bits Donuts traded out the typical shortcake for churros then topped them with strawberries and fresh whipped cream.

Chocolate Dipped Twinkie On-A-Stick – Mom & Pop Corn skewer a twinkie and then dip it in chocolate.

Deep-Fried Apple Fries – Crisp slices of apples are deep-fried to a golden brown and then topped with cinnamon and sugar are served with vanilla ice cream. It is available at L’il Bits Donuts.

Deep-Fried Bacon Cinnamon Roll – The bacon cinnamon roll is being deep-fried by the Sweet Shop.

Deep-Fried Banana Nutella Crepe – Coco Flow Concessions is lining its sweet vanilla crepe with fresh bananas and Nutella before deep-frying it  and topping it with chocolate, caramel sauce and whipped cream.

Deep-Fried Bison Balls – Lean bison meat is mixed with tangy blue cheese crumbles and red onion, then rolled and put in the deep fryer. It is served at Sweet Shop with horseradish-mayo.

Deep-Fried Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich On-A-Stick – Homemade chocolate chip ice cream is spread between two cookies and quickly deep-fried by Aunt Edmoe’s.

Deep-Fried Giant Gummy Bears – The Sweet Shop is putting large gummy bears in the deep fryer and topping them with powdered sugar and strawberry sauce.

Deep-Fried Sauerkraut Balls – Sauerkraut, cream cheese, breadcrumbs and cheddar-jack cheese are combined and deep-fried  at the Sweet Shop.

French Toast Burger – A delicious burger sandwiched between pieces of french toast at Porky’s.

Fried Chicken & Donuts with Maple Syrup – L’il Bits Donuts are combining chicken and doughnuts to create a new classic.

Honey Bun Bacon Cheeseburger – Harvell Concessions is combining sweet and savory by switching out a typical bun for a HoneyBun on their burger.

Monkey Time Donut – A specialty doughnut is topped with creamy peanut butter, fresh banana slices, honey and bits of crumbled bacon. It can be found at L’il Bits Donuts.

Nutella Donut – L’il Bits Donuts mixed Nutella and doughnuts to come up with a delicious combo.

Red Velvet Cinnamon Roll – Sweet Shop made a cinnamon roll out of red velvet and topped it with real cream cheese icing.

Wonderboy Corn Dog – A hot dog is coated in a homemade batter of Capt’n Crunch cereal and served with a side of honey mustard. It is found at Diamond Dawgs.

The Oklahoma State Fair runs from Sept. 11 through Sept. 21!

Discounts for the fair:

Monday, September 15: School Kids’ Day – FREE admission for all kids thru grade 12

Tuesday, September 16: Super Saver Tuesday – $3, Armed Forces’ Day – FREE admission for Armed Forces personnel and spouses (Military I.D. required)

Wednesday, September 17: Senior Citizens’ Day – FREE admission for Senior Citizens 55+ (I.D. required)



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Open Houses this weekend

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Clean up the clutter! Making the most of the home you have!

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I have been in a Fall Cleaning mode lately and wanted to share a few tips and tricks. The following list will help get your home market ready or  just help you if you are in a cleaning mode. I will probably have to continue this post, but wanted to share a few with you today!

Tips and Tricks:

Whole house

  • neutralize walls
  • change out light bulbs if they are out
  • dust fans and air vents
  • get rid of old beat up furniture and decor if you are not using it OR spice the old couch up with cheap decorative pillows from Hobby Lobby
  • clean up every corner, nook and cranny of your house
  • dust all blinds and draperies
  • organize toys in bins
  • books on book shelves or in boxes


This is a great time of year to purge your closet as the season is changing!

  • call a friend that will be honest with you about the clothes in your closet, plus its fun to organize with friends
  • get rid of clothes that…don’t fit, you haven’t worn in the past year, duplicates, stained items, or clothes are from the ’80s
  • organize your clothes by pants, shirts, long sleeve shirts, and long clothes such as dresses and long skirts
  • line up shoes with one facing in and one facing out, it will save space
  • organize clothes you will not wear in the next couple months into bins (don’t forget to store them clean or those stains might not come out later when its time to wear it)
  • put bins under your bed to organize your seasonal clothes such as sundresses or sweaters
  • donate clothes to a charity of your choice


  • go through each one and donate items you do not use
  • organize tupperware, dishes, pans into different cabinets and shelves
  • take everything out of the drawers and dust the drawers(this can be a nasty job if you haven’t done it before)

        Front Yard

  • mulch your flower beds to make your plants pop out
  • weed your flower beds
  • trim your trees while they still have leaves on them and know which ones are dead
  • start unplugging your hoses from the house


Hope this helps a little! Maybe I will add more soon.

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Open Houses TODAY!!! 2-4 PM

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14120 Chickasaw


3 bed, 2 bath, 2209 SF mol, 2 car garage


3005 Aerie Dr.


3 bed, 2.1 bath, 2138 sf mol, 2 car garage


13301 Cedar Trail


5 bed, 3 bath, 3003 sf mol, 3 car garage

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New to the Edmond/OKC Metro? Still trying to settle in?

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unpacking the boxes

A class called Unpacking the Boxes is offered by Memorial Road Church of Christ to help you get settled into your new residence, learn about Edmond and the Oklahoma City metro, and introduce you to new friends! Kim and I both helped with the class a couple years ago and loved it! Any woman can come, invite your friends and you do not have to be a member to participate.

Unpacking the Boxes, an 11-week class inspired by Susan Miller’s book After the Boxes are Unpacked: Moving On After Moving In, is designed for women who are new to the Edmond/OKC area. Bible-based lessons will help you learn to move past the pain and loss of what you’ve left behind and toward an appreciation of your new community. You will have an opportunity to meet other newcomers and build friendships by sharing relocation challenges, memories of “home,” and common interests. The optional book may be purchased on the first day of class.

Class meets Wednesday mornings, 9:30-11:30, at Memorial Road Church of Christ, 2221 E. Memorial Road, from September 10 to November 19. Child care is provided.

This class is all about OKLAHOMA, having fun, getting to know new friends, helping you settle in, and it helps you learn how to be a “hostess with the mostess”, too. You can even win prizes in class, can’t get better than that. Let us know if you have any questions and we will be glad to help!

Go to for more information or to sign up.  You can also visit or contact Marilyn Dobson by e-mail at or phone at 405-341-5141.


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Educational Integris Women’s Health Forum events…

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Today I received the Integris Women’s Health Forum magazine and there is so many neat classes that they provide in the Oklahoma City Metro. Some are free and others charge a minimal amount, but you need to check these classes out. Some of the many classes they offer in September are “Laughter is the Best Medicine”, “Makes Your Head Hurt”, “On Pines and Needles”, “No, your jeans haven’t shrunk. It’s MENOPAUSE”, and “Work Out, Work Better!”.  There are tons of class option at various places and times. Go to to find out more or call 405-951-2277. I think I will try out a few classes myself! These are just a few of the PLUSES for why I think living in the OKC/Edmond Metro is a MUST!

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Open houses this Sunday(tomorrow)!

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Mini Fall Photo Sessions benefitting the Kecks’ baby adoption!

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As some of you know, our nanny, Kenzie Keck and her husband Garrett, are adopting a baby.  To raise money for their baby adoption, they are doing a Mini Photo Session Fund Raiser onSeptember 20th from 10AM-2:30PM at Hafer Park in Edmond! The photographer is Meredeth Duncan. You can see a little bit of her work at You will get 10 touched up, digital files a couple weeks after the shoot via a Dropbox link. Meredeth is donating her time and all the proceeds go to Garrett and Kenzie Keck’s adoption funds!
You can email Garrett and Kenzie at if you would like to sign up for a mini photo shoot that benefits the Keck family adoption!
Please let me know if you have any questions!


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Designs by MK

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Designs by MK is an interior design business serving in the Edmond and Oklahoma City area since 2012. The owner and lead designer Macy White graduated from an accredited school with a bachelor of arts in interior design, so this is far more than a hobby for her. Along with her degree, she has over three years of in-the-field experience, as well as new construction experience, working with aspects of the new build process from gutter color to facade materials. She also currently works as acting interior designer for Brass Brick Homes.

Based in Edmond, Oklahoma, Designs by MK is a team of top-notch designers and decorators who pay attention to detail and who aim to please, regardless of the scale of project.




For Macy, her personal style choice is a simple combination of Classic with a touch of Boho. However, her flexibility in styles and looks is what her clients have come to appreciate. This might best be displayed by Macy’s talented eye for combining soft and hard textures. Place a crystal chandelier above a raw oak kitchen table, surrounded by tufted seating and you will have won her heart.

Her innate sense of style and imaginative approach could be seen in her when she was just a little girl.

“Growing up, my mother did a wonderful job of making our house feel like a home. The pieces, colors and the intentional love she placed into every room, emphasized our favorite memories. When I think of home, I can’t help but feel the love and warmth she created.”

Macy’s natural love for interior design, coupled with her family’s encouragement, developed her into a passionate little girl; a little girl with a unique love for detail. If she wasn’t in the middle of improving an old space, by rearranging every item in the room, you could find her sketching out ideas for her next project. Through Macy’s education and experience, her love for design has only grown and matured. Just before Macy graduated from Oklahoma Christian University, with a degree in Interior Design, her peers recognized her special talent by her voting her the Art Department’s “Student of the Year”. It was through the direction from her mentors, the earned trust of her clients, and the grace of God, Macy went on to develop and grow her own start-up business, Designs by MK.



Our services include but are not limited to:
Space Planning
Color coordination
Window and wall treatments
Furniture design
Room decorations

No job is too small, and equal attention is paid to every job from start to finish. Our goal is to take you from concept to completion in an atmosphere that is professional and specific to your design needs. We take pride in creating thoughtful designs to complement the individual needs of each client.

Designs by MK’s rate:
We work by an hourly rate of $75.

Designs by MK this year also launched their own custom art print line. Find them on  Designs by MK has also been featured in Oklahoma Homes Magazine featuring the design trends of 2014. As seen here .
 “Today, I continue to honor God, by using the talents and abilities that He has blessed me with. Every day, He allows me to help people, like you, who are ready to turn their house, into a home. Whether it is a small space or an entire house, together we can use your unique taste and personality to create a harmonious design. Allow me the honor of creating the space and the home that you have always wanted.”


Below are a few of Designs by MK’s projects. Interested in seeing the rest of the portfolio? Head to for further portfolio pictures, design deals, and much more.

Shelving Decor 1DSC_0612MKDesigns_32IMG_3620

If you are interested in working with Designs by MK please email Macy White at  or any of the below contact solutions. She is looking forward to hearing from you. Be sure to tell Macy, we sent you!

Macy also provided a promo just for YOU! Make sure you claim the promo because it will expire soon. You can use the hours however best fits you and your current home projects. Let us know if you have any questions.


Contact Designs by MK:
Macy White: 405-706-5448
Macy White’s Email:
Designs by MK Website:
Follow them on social media at this link:

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Edgemere Park Price Reduction!

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436 NW 43rd Edgemere Park

Just lowered to  $240,000

Sought after neighborhood in a great location! 3 bed, 2 bath, 2 living, 2 dining, 2018 sqft and built in 1951. Mid-century modern home, open floor plan and big windows make it light and bright! Wood floors in living, dining and formal living/study.  Large living room with stacked stone fireplaces in living and formal living. Kitchen has updated glass back splash and accent back splash above stove, bar seating, tons of storage and neutral counter tops. Tons of potential to make it your own. Call Kim, Terra or Kiley at Keller Williams Central Oklahoma 405-330-2626 to make an appointment today!







formal dining






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